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CASE Indiana Spring Conference
Friday, April 21, 2017

Location: Indiana Wesleyan University – Indianapolis North

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Early bird registration (Until April 7): $75
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Indiana Wesleyan University
Indianapolis North Campus
3777 Priority Way South Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Schedule & Presentations

9:00 – 9:45: Registration

9:45 – 10:50 Welcome and Opening Keynote

Lynne WesterLynne Wester

The Donor Relations Guru

Putting Donor Relations at the Center of Building a Culture of Philanthropy
This goes beyond the basics of ‘How do I get a seat at the table?’ to ‘How do I reinforce the very important message of donor focused philanthropy? How do I navigate the waters in my organization to ensure that the donor is put first in the process and that the culture embraces not only the donor but donor relations?’. Learn what works and what doesn’t in our industry as well as tangible steps to implement in your own shop.

Donor Relations Guru Keynote Presentation

About Lynne: Widely known for her Donor Relations Guru blog and website, Lynne has quickly become the leading resource for creating donor-focused fundraising strategies. Using her expertise and hands-on approach, Lynne works with organizations to keep their focus donor-driven, technologically savvy, strategic, and always with a splash of good humor. Lynne has been featured in The Washington Post, CURRENTS magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and other industry publications. She also holds a master’s in strategic fundraising and philanthropy and is the author of two books on fundraising.

11:00 – 11:50 Track Sessions


Building the Donor Pipeline
Lynne Wester, The Donor Relations Guru

We celebrate the mega-donor and the consecutive donor, but are we paying enough attention to our mid-level donors? The donor pyramid has been replaced by the hourglass or sombrero as the number of major (what do you call these? Major? Leadership? Four to low five-figure) gift donors shrink. To build the donor pipeline we need to address the roadblocks to mid-level giving and implement an evidence-based strategy for success.

Building the Donor Pipeline Presentation


The Art of the Video Interview
Todd Boruff – Video Producer, College of Arts and Letters – University of Notre Dame

The lights are set, the cameras are rolling, and your video interview subject is looking at you nervously. How can you, as an interviewer, get the best sound bites for your video project? Video interviews are a powerful medium for communicating both informational and emotional content. But getting the most out of video interviews requires more than simply reading a list of questions. Interviewers must make a connection with their interview subjects and help them to understand both the performative and conversational elements of a video interview.

In this session, University of Notre Dame video producer Todd Boruff will teach you his two-step process for getting the best sound bites to communicate your advancement message. He will also share a variety of tips for making interviews run smoothly, such as how and where to sit, how to phrase your questions to get the best answer, creating a story arc where you didn’t think there was one, and warming up uncomfortable interviewees. Using live demonstrations and real world examples, Todd will give you the insight you need to take your video interviews to the next level.

The Art of the Video Interview Presentation


Measuring Alumni Engagement: How do we know when we’re doing a good job?
Scott Westerman, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations/Executive Director – Michigan State University Alumni Association

Measuring the effectiveness of our work can be one of the most illusive targets in our chosen profession. In a time when the value of alumni relations increasingly in question, Scott Westerman shares the three-tiered system the Michigan State University Alumni Association uses to help team members stay focused, productive and happy on the job. In this interactive session, come prepared to talk about what you currently do and why you do it. You’ll leave with a strategy to translate your priorities into metrics that everyone on your team can take to heart.

Measuring Engagement Video Summary

12:00 – 1:00 Networking Lunch

Guests will have the opportunity to network with colleagues working in similar roles.

1:00 – 1:50 Track Sessions


CASEx Talk 1:00-1:25
Five Tips for Soliciting Planned Gifts from Women
John Keith, J.D. – Consultant – Johnson Grossnickle + Associates
Lee Ernst – Associate – Johnson Grossnickle + Associates (@LeeErnst1)

Women are driving many of the philanthropic decisions in this country. In truth, women’s ability to contribute and make a lasting impact in philanthropy is often over looked and under-utilized. Research tells us that women behave differently than men in their philanthropic giving. We cannot assume what works for men will be applicable to women. This session will outline 5 key tips for success when soliciting planned gifts from women, including understanding the differences between men and women donors, understanding key motivators for women donors, and how to steward and recognize women’s gifts.

Planned Gifts from Women Presentation


Track Session 1:00-1:50
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Journey of Developing a Successful Academic Sub-Brand
Emily Blue, Manager of Brand, Advertising and Sponsorships – Purdue University (@emilymblue)

We’ve all heard it before: “I’m different and I need my own logo to prove it!” What started as a request for a new tagline, Purdue University’s central marketing department built an entire brand, including key messaging and visual guidelines, for a college within the university using the 3C framework (company, customer and competition). Learn how to successfully differentiate campus units from their parent institution, get buy in and alignment, and implement positioning strategies without diluting the institutional brand or confusing audiences.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Presentation


CASEx Talk 1:00-1:25
Make the Connection: Connecting Alumni and Career Service Centers for Success
Bryan Lubic – Career Services Executive Director – Indiana State University (@careercenter1)
Rex Kendall – Alumni Association Executive Director – Indiana State University (@indstatealumni)

Combining and connecting Career Services and Alumni offices – great in theory, but how does it work in practice? In this CASEx session you'll get an inside look at how we're integrating our offices for success at Indiana State University. This is tactical, and real-time, including our wins and misses along the way. You'll leave with the plan we're using, and our recommendations for your success.

CASEx Talk 1:25-1:50
Engaging parents in philanthropy: a university/foundation partnership
Colton Withers – Director of Development – Purdue Research Foundation
Kelley Stier – Associate Dean of Students – Purdue University

Parents, particularly those who are not alumni of our institutions, represent a huge opportunity for market growth in our fundraising programs. These folks are at the height of their careers and are often looking for ways to stay involved in their child's education. At Purdue, we've created a comprehensive fundraising program using our campus partners (Dean of Students) that has proven to be successful and impactful. We'd love to share what we believe to be our success stories and provide practical tips to implement.

Engaging Parents in Philanthropy Presentation

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CASEx Talk 1:25-1:50
Targeting Populations through Programming
Jimmy Cox – Director, Student-Alumni Programs – Purdue Alumni Association

The Purdue Alumni Association has a long history of engaging students. Our student-membership program has over 7,000 paid members! However, we recognized a need for us to more intentionally engage with seniors through programming and communication. Seniors in their final year are focused on that transition that will occur with graduation, but they are also intent are creating their final college memories. We decided to capitalize on this so that we can begin an even better relationship with them before they head out the door. While still in the beginning stages, our Senior Year Experience program seeks to celebrate a student's final year in school and prepare them for life after Purdue as recent graduates. This talk will focus on how we got here, what is being done, what is still coming down the pipeline, and why it will benefit our recent graduate network.

Purdue Alumni's Gold Mine Presentation

2:00 – 2:50 Closing Keynote

Scott WestermanScott Westerman

Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations/Executive Director – Michigan State University Alumni Association

Strive and Thrive in Changing Times
Change seems to be the only constant in the ever evolving business of alumni relations. What are the habits and skill sets we need as leaders to navigate a world where paradigms seem to be continually questioned and innovation is essential to survive and thrive? Scott Westerman takes us through the process of strengthening the essential dimensions needed to navigate change. It’s an ultimately affirming strategy that he has used successfully as a turnaround expert in both corporate and academic settings.

About Scott: Scott Westerman joined Michigan State University as Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the MSU Alumni Association in 2010. Since that time, he has helped transform the organization, eliminating the dues requirement for membership, earning consistently high net promoter scores for member satisfaction, helping to dramatically grow alumni annual giving and contributing to a multi-million dollar increase in alumni funded scholarships. MSUAA is the university’s largest creator of multimedia content and has been recognized as a national leader in the use of social media as an engagement tour. Scott serves as chair of the B1G Alumni Executives Group, hosts a weekly radio program with MSU Athletic Director, Mark Hollis, and is the author of “Social Media and Your Personal Brand” and “Pass It On: Success Secrets from The Spartan Life.” He lectures widely on high performance, social media and his favorite subject, “Chasing Happiness.”