Not just good work, your best work

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Why put yourself out there? Why waste the time submitting to the Pride of CASE V Awards Program? Because you are doing good work- not just good work but your best work. Think about the long days and late nights. Was it worth it? You bet it was! Did you see your guests have a… Read more »

Circle of Excellence Award Winners

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CASE District V proudly announces that 42 district members are winners of the 2015 Circle of Excellence Awards given out each year by CASE International. The awards acknowledge superior accomplishments in Advancement that have lasting impact, demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and deliver exceptional results. This year CASE District V had one Platinum Category… Read more »

Melt all the snow on Michigan Avenue

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Seven months from today CASE District V’s annual conference will be in the books. All wrapped up. We will know at that moment what went well and what could have been better. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. But today, May 15, 2015, the annual conference is a clean slate. Session presenters and keynote speakers… Read more »

Tips For Conference Networking

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While in Chicago for the CASE District V conference in December, many attendees explore Michigan Avenue in pursuit of the perfect holiday gift. The conference can be an opportunity for another search- the perfect candidate or informational interview.  Here are tips from past CASE V conference attendees on making the most of CASE V. Network-… Read more »

The Future Is Now

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Students. They're the reason we do what we do in Institutional Advancement. They also can help us be better at advancing our institutions by assisting our alumni, development, and marketing offices in reaching students, developing programming and messaging, and creating a culture for engaged alumni. Institutions of all sizes have developed organizations who utilize the student… Read more »

The Snow and Lights of Chicago

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The snow had just started falling when a van full of 7 advancement professionals left Delaware Ohio in December 1986 and headed to Chicago. I was the ripe old age of 23, and a month earlier had landed the job of Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Ohio Wesleyan University. Now, I was heading to… Read more »

Goals That Get Your Eye to Stop Twitching

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Goals. There’s a lot about goals on the Internet. Goals for life-fulfillment, reasons for setting goals, worksheets and tools to help us set goals, beginner’s guides to goal setting – it is overwhelming and makes my eye twitch! And, what’s worse is that it may not be helpful. In fact, if not carefully tended it… Read more »

Intentional in Our Efforts

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Marketing communications is an innovative field that will likely generate yet another exciting development by the time you finish reading this blog post. By design, departments and offices of marketing, communications, and web management are constantly seeking out ways to lead the higher education pack that will increase numbers of inquiries, enrollment percentages, online engagement,… Read more »