The following statements will guide CASE V in its work:

Our Mission

CASE V advances and supports educational institutions in the Great Lake District by enhancing the effectiveness of alumni relations, marketing, communications, and fund-raising professionals who serve them. We are also advocates for advancement professions by developing and supporting programs that encourage the development of a diverse, well-prepared pool of professionals. We accomplish this by remaining mindful of – and being responsive to – the particular needs, interests, opportunities, and expertise available within the District.

Our Vision

As the premier professional association for educational advancement in the Great Lakes District, CASE V aspires to be the leading resource for professional development and information, the leading proponent of professional ethics and standards, and the leading advocate for diversity. Our services will be distinguished by their relevance to the District.

Our Values

Fundamental to CASE V’s success is service to education and members as a primary focus; respect for volunteers and staff as leaders, partners, and shareholders; and a commitment to integrity, ethical behavior, and inclusiveness as key characteristics of leadership.

We value the benefit of people connecting with people; the importance of diversity in our organization and the profession; the recognition and encouragement of excellence, and the demonstration of leadership and professionalism within our organization.

Overarching Goals

CASE V’s strategic plan is guided by three goals that are derived from and guided by the four primary goals of our parent organization.

  1. Strengthen Member Services
    To accomplish this goal, CASE V will…
    • Ensure the highest quality and impact of existing services, based on constituent needs and interests, new and emerging technologies, and emerging markets.
    • Distinguish, define, and serve the needs and interests of professionals in all areas and levels of advancement (from newcomers to CEOs)
    • Continuously evaluate, enhance, and change services to remain relevant to constituents’ needs and interests.
  2. Further the Profession
    To accomplish this goal, CASE V will…
    • Promote, support, and celebrate diversity in the advancement profession
    • Be considered a leader in advancement professional development
    • Promote CASE membership within the District
    • Promote the advancement profession within the District
  3. Lead Change in Advancement
    To accomplish this goal, CASE V will…
    • Monitor, report on, and respond to the changing nature of advancement
    • Continually assess and improve our services

Strategic Imperatives

The following strategies guide the initiatives, priorities, human and financial resource direction, and progress of our strategic plan.

IMPERATIVE: Optimize the quality and impact of existing services and programs

IMPERATIVE: Fully understand the professional development needs and interests of advancement professionals in the district and offer programs and services accordingly.

IMPERATIVE: Take full advantage of the expertise and resources available to us on the Board, in the District, and beyond, to optimize our programs and services (both existing and new).

ACTION STEP: Research constituent groups to determine their awareness of and satisfaction with existing services and programs.


  • Solicit input from visitors to on how the site can best serve their needs.
  • Survey conference attendees as to their satisfaction with the conference and familiarity and satisfaction with other CASE V services and programs.
  • Conduct an email survey of all District V members to determine their professional development priorities and preferred methods of delivery.
  • Build research responsibility into the Operations Committee.
  • Provide a feedback mechanism within advance to determine readers’ interests and identify sources of useful content.
  • Research and report on the institutional mix within the district and related potential for new and/or modified programming/services.

ACTION STEP: Develop plans and proposals for enhancing the effectiveness and impact of our current services and programs.


  • Assign Board responsibility for evaluating purpose, intended/prospective audiences, and goals of each existing service and program.
  • Develop communications plans/strategies to connect our services and programs with their key audiences.
  • Incorporate an evaluative component into all existing initiatives.

ACTION STEP: Facilitate communication between the Board/conference committee and District membership to allow for exchange of ideas and information on how CASE V can serve our constituents best.


  • Add interactive component to Web site
  • Take advantage of existing communications vehicles (advance, web site) to report on Board activities and solicit feedback.
  • Enlist a dialog between the senior advancement professionals in the District and the Board to assist in identifying needs, opportunities, and interests for advancement of their staffs.

ACTION STEP: Clearly define and align roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Board members and Conference Committee with our strategic goals.


  • Review Board organization and assignments and align with the goals of the Strategic Plan.
  • Provide the Board Nominating Committee with information on the expertise required to move Strategic Plan goals forward for their consideration in making nominations for Board appointments

ACTION STEP: Create opportunities for engaging professionals in District V and beyond in enhancing and delivering our services.


  • Establish strategic relationships with CASE International to assist in the accomplishment of our mutual goals.
  • Identify District professionals presenting to CASE conferences (outside the District) who might be willing to share that content with District members via our communications vehicles.
  • Explore providing conference content into other communications vehicles, such as advance and the Web.
  • Establish strategic relationships with counterparts in other districts.
  • Develop mechanisms for sharing ideas and information across districts.
  • Explore and educate the Board on opportunities provided by new and emerging technologies.

ACTION STEP: Establish strategic partnerships with vendors can share expertise and who have an interest in promoting their services within the district.


  • Identify vendors who might provide products — at wholesale or as a contribution in exchange for recognition in our communications — that could assist us in promoting CASE V among current and prospective members.
  • Identify vendors who might provide their consultative services in exchange for recognition in our communications.

IMPERATIVE: Serve the optimum number of professionals in the district

ACTION STEP: Encourage new member institutions within the district and increased numbers of professional and “mailing list only” members in current member institutions.


  • Establish better working relationships with membership coordinators so that they will become our strategic partners in maximizing membership within member colleges/schools.
  • Identify colleges and schools within the District that are not CASE members, and communicate with them about how CASE and CASE V might meet their professional development needs and to information them of our services and programs.
  • Segment and target communications associated with programs and services to ensure they reach and influence intended audiences, resulting in increased participation and satisfaction.
  • Identify viable options for generating sufficient revenue to accomplish our goals and objectives.

IMPERATIVE: Promote advancement professions within the District.

ACTION STEPS: Develop strategies to promote advancement professions among students within the District.


  • Develop strategic relationship with ASAP to help advance the goals of that organization, incorporate those students into our initiatives as appropriate, and mentor them into District advancement positions.
  • Explore opportunities to provide content on the CASE V web site that would be beneficial to students considering an advancement profession.