Thirty years ago in December, I nervously walked into my first CASE V Conference session in Chicago.  I never would have imagined that on my 30th CASE Anniversary
I would have the honor and privilege of serving as your District V Board Chair.  My relationship with CASE has spanned my entire Advancement Career, and I have learned much from
this powerful organization.

Brad Bundy

Our profession has changed dramatically since I got my start back in 1986.  We have seen the origins of the Billion Dollar Campaign.  We have seen alumni membership models shift and re-shift.  We have seen marketing and communication demands stretch us in ways we never would have imagined. What hasn't changed is the commitment that advancement professionals bring to education and the important role we play in helping shape and impact the college and independent experience for today's students.  

There is no challenge or obstacle that is insurmountable with education.  Quite simply, education is the panacea to the world's problems.  The fact that we get to spend every day advancing that education to millions of students across the globe makes our profession among the most rewarding imaginable.  Think of those who never would have been able to step foot on our campuses had it not been for our work.  

I feel fortunate to serve as your District V Board Chair, and an grateful to each of you for what you do for this organization and for what you do to advance one of society's greatest and most important values.  

In CASE V service,


Brad Bundy

CASE V Chair, 2016-2018