Goals That Get Your Eye to Stop Twitching

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Goals. There’s a lot about goals on the Internet. Goals for life-fulfillment, reasons for setting goals, worksheets and tools to help us set goals, beginner’s guides to goal setting – it is overwhelming and makes my eye twitch! And, what’s worse is that it may not be helpful. In fact, if not carefully tended it… Read more »

Intentional in Our Efforts

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Marketing communications is an innovative field that will likely generate yet another exciting development by the time you finish reading this blog post. By design, departments and offices of marketing, communications, and web management are constantly seeking out ways to lead the higher education pack that will increase numbers of inquiries, enrollment percentages, online engagement,… Read more »

Take the CASE V Venture Fund challenge

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Are you adventurous? Take the CASE V Venture Fund challenge! Have you always wanted to create a new networking group of advancement professionals at other institutions, but needed some funding to get it off the ground? Have you and a few colleagues at some other District V institutions wanted to bring in a nationally recognized… Read more »

The Right Fit and The Misfit

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Recently my LinkedIn feed was heavily populated by a blog from Jack Welch, the famous retired chairman and CEO of General Motors. In the blog he postulates that an organization has two sets of expectations and there are four kinds of employees that meet the expectations in one way or another. There are quantifiable matrices… Read more »

Will “They” Really Listen?

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 Have you ever noticed that as a society we talk about the proverbial "they" all the time?   Why didn't "they" tell us it was supposed to rain today? I wish "they" would tell us in advance if I needed to eat before attending this meeting. Why didn't "they" put it on the sign that… Read more »

No Rest for the Wicked

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It’s hard to believe that we’re 285 days until the 41st Annual CASE District V Conference in Chicago! It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up the 40th Annual Conference and hearing Chris Spielman’s story of philanthropy. But, there’s no rest for the wicked and you might be surprised to know that plans are… Read more »