CASE V Awards Opens July 1st!
Submit your best work

CASE District V invites you to submit your best work in communications, alumni relations and development to the Pride of CASE V Awards program. Awards submission opens July 1 and runs through August 12, 2016.

All materials submitted to the Pride of CASE V Awards Program should have been completed primarily between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. More information can be found on the CASE District V website:



CASE Announces 2016 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients: District V wins two Platinum Awards


Best Practices in Communications and Marketing
Michigan State University
Brand Marketing Campaign: WHO WILL? SPARTANS WILL


Best Articles of the Year
University of Chicago
Microbial Me


District V also has three Grand Gold awards out of 17 given this year, which are reserved for entries that are clearly preeminent and/or "game changing" among gold-level winners in each category.


Videos – News and Research Videos
University of Michigan
Back in Race Mode: U -M in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge
Publications – Fundraising Publications – Individual
University of Michigan
University of Michigan First Time/Second Time Donor Packet
Design – Periodicals
University of Michigan

2016 Joint Conference

CASE V &VI Joint Conference December 11-13, 2016

More information ->



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District V LinkedIn Group

District V has a growing LinkedIn group that is becoming one of many "go-to" places to connect with peers, ask and give advice about key issues facing the Advancement profession, and stay up-to-date with District V programming. Follow along here: